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The services provided by Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. are ultimately provided to two groups; manufacturers and users.  Descriptions of the services provided to these groups are provided below. Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. has expertise in consulting to laser manufacturers and users in all fields, including:

  • Industrial

  • Telecommunications

  • Medical

  • Consumer goods (i.e.: Toy and Novelty, audio visual, hand tools)

  • Entertainment and Display

  • Research

  • Educational Institutions

  • Measurement and Instrumentation

Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. provides its services primarily through existing larger laser safety service providers.  The specialty services Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. provides are unique and working in this manner allows us to provide a higher level of expertise and service to the end customer.



Consultation Services for Manufacturers of Laser Products


Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. is ready to assist manufacturers in complying with the U.S., European, and international laser safety standards. The most requested tasks include:

  • Preparation of reports and forms:

    • Prepare a Laser Product Report for submittal to the U.S. Center for Devices and Radiological Health (CDRH).

    • Generate a report documenting compliance of the laser product to the IEC/EN 60825 series of international laser safety standards. This report is commonly included in the technical package required for CE marking or for support information to a test house.

    • Create a registration form for OEM component laser products for submittal to the Center for Devices and Radiological Health.

    • Perform and prepare an audit report of product or program compliance to the applicable standard.

  • Other tasks include:

    • Determine the applicability of laser safety standards and requirements.

    • Prepare exemption and variance requests to regulatory agencies.

    • Assist in meeting the importation and exportation requirements.

    • Assist in determining the hazard classification of a laser product through calculation and/ or measurement.

    • Review product engineering, labeling, documentation, and testing programs for compliance to the applicable parts of the standard. Identify areas where the product design may affect compliance to the standard and make recommendations.

    • Recommend or prepare corrective action plans (CAP) for non-compliance products.

    • Review dealer and distributor requirements.

    • Assist in preparing an Accidental Radiation Occurrence (ARO) report.

    • Provide training on the Laser Product Requirements.

See the resources section of this site for detailed information of laser safety requirements applicable to laser product manufacturers.



Consultation Services for Laser Users


Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C provides training and consulting services on the health and safety requirements and standards applicable to laser users. Most regulatory agencies that have authority over laser users either refer to, or have adopted all or in part, the ANSI Z136 series of laser safety standards, or IEC 60825 series of technical reports for creating a safe work environment. Many agencies will require registration of laser products and/ or laser users.

The most requested services by users include:

  • Perform a laser or facility audit.

  • Provide basic laser safety training.

  • Hazard evaluation, which includes calculating Maximum Permissible Exposures (MPE), hazard distances, optical density requirements, and material damage thresholds.

  • Review or recommend control measures.

  • Review laser safety program requirements.

  • Assistance in complying with the U.S. Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requirements.

  • Assistance in complying with U.S. Department of Defense (DOD), Department of Energy (DOE) requirements.

  • Assistance in complying with the U.S Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) or other airspace regulations.

  • Provide recommendations for compliance with state, provincial, and local requirements.

See the resource section of this site for detailed information of laser safety requirements applicable to laser product manufacturers.



Terms and Conditions


Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. and its representatives will help its clients as much as reasonably possible in complying with the applicable laser safety requirements. However, the manufacturer and/or user is ultimately responsible for meeting the requirements of the applicable regulations and the safety of your personnel and/or product. 

Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. works in good faith to assist customers in obtaining certification, designing compliant controls and programs, and resolving non-compliant situations. However, we cannot guarantee or otherwise assure that any given customer, project, usage, or product can or will be granted the desired certification or disposition, or so granted in any specific time frame. Payment as per the agreed-upon contract is due for all work performed, regardless of intermediate or ultimate product or certification disposition.

The assistance provided by Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. in no way implies approval by Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. of any specific device or usage as safe. Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. will not be held liable in any case now or in the future from any situation or incident arising out of the use or inability to use any product or device. Our customers, its associates and affiliates shall hold Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C., its consultants, and personnel harmless in all cases arising out of any matter involving any product, device, advice or consulting. The customer agrees that it undertakes this work fully at its own risk. Furthermore, it acknowledges that it has been advised on all facts and takes all actions with full intent and acting on its own behalf.


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