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Online Presentations


Label Schemes for Laser Products
Self guided presentation created by Jay Parkinson. This presentation gives a general overview of the label requirements under the CDRH, IEC, or CDRH + Laser Notice #50 schemes. User selects which scheme to launch. - No Audio - Click Here


Labels for a Class 1 Laser Product in a Global Market
Using CDRH Notice #50

This presentation is an automated presentation that is created and narrated by Jay Parkinson. It does contain audio. - Click Here


Importation of Laser Products - A short course presented at LIA ICALEO 2006 in Scottsdale AZ.
This course was created and presented by Jay Parkinson at ICALEO 2006. The presentation slide set has been made availble.To view a flash version - Click here
To download or view black and white version in Acrobat (pdf)
- Click here


An Introduction to Laser Safety
Based on the LIA/ OSHA Alliance Laser Safety Bulletin

The Laser Safety Bulletin was created out of the partnership between LIA and OSHA and can be downloaded from the LIA website for free. The automated presentation is narrated and can be viewed for free. It was created to help make a useful web freebie even more useful. This presentation was created and presented by Jay Parkinson using the information in the bulletin and the images supplied by LIA. It is located on the LIA website. To view the program for free - Click Here.


Laser Safety Micro-Course
Based on the Laser-Professionals, Inc. (LPI) Free Mirco-Course

LPI has created a free laser safety slide set that can be used by Laser Safety Officers (LSOs) or presenters for free. A set of course notes can also be downloaded for free on their website. This presentation was created to help a useful web freebie to have even more value. Watch the presentation and download the slide set and notes for free. To view the presentation located on the LPI website
- Click Here.


Laser Safety Primer DVD - Trailer
Produced in partnership with Laser-Professionals Inc.
First in a series of really cool video programs to hit the market

This Laser Safety Primer is an exciting and energetic introduction to laser safety. It was created in partnership with Laser-Professionals, Inc. and is intended to be a useful training tool for ancillary personnel or production operators of Class 1 systems with embedded Class 3B or 4 lasers. - Click Here.


Industrial Laser Safety DVD - Demo of selections from program.
Second in the series of really cool video programs.

This presentation is designed for industrial laser users who have access to Class 3B and 4 lasers. This demo is approximatly 7 minutes, 21 seconds long, the actual DVD is approximatly 30 minutes in length. The material in the Industrial DVD is presented by three presenters; Johnny Jones and Pat Harris of Laser-Professionals Inc. and Jay Parkinson of Phoenix Laser Safety. This video has upgraded graphics and video footage included. Like the Laser Safety Primer this is an exciting and energetic presentation designed to hold the attention of the viewer while delivering information taylored for the target audience. During the pre-release reviews this video was nicknamed the "Ben Hur of Laser Safety Videos". - Click Here.