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At Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C., we provide experienced, professional, and quality consulting services to both domestic and international manufacturers and users of lasers.  We work with representatives from national, state, and local authorities to make sure we remain on top of the latest interpretations and developments.  Our staff has extensive experience in assisting manufacturers to comply with national product safety requirements and laser users to comply with applicable health and safety regulations. 

Located in Arizona, Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C. normally provides its services directly to or through other laser safety companies such as Rockwell Laser Industries (RLI), Laser Institute of America (LIA), and Laser Professionals (LPI).  These relationships allow us to spend a greater percentage of our company resources toward maintaining a higher level of technical expertise and efficiency.  We also partner with these companies to develop and produce interactive online and video based laser safety training products.



Jay Parkinson, CLSO
President of Phoenix Laser Safety, L.L.C.


JP-PhotoJay Parkinson is a laser safety specialist with over 19 years of practical experience working in laser safety.  Jay has served as VP of Operations and Laser Safety Officer for a laser display and special effects company that was considered the world leader in their field.  Prior to co-founding Phoenix Laser Safety he served as the primary standards consultant at Rockwell Laser Industries (RLI) where he was mentored directly by laser safety pioneer Jim Rockwell and long time laser product safety expert Jim Smith. 

Jay is a Certified Laser Safety Officer with a B.S. in Physics from the University of Washington.  He serves as an expert on the IEC technical committee (TC 76) that is responsible for the international IEC 60825 series of standards.  Jay also actively participates on a variety of ANSI Z136 committees and has been a member of the Laser Safety Hazards subcommittee of the G-10 Aerospace Behavioral Engineering Technology Committee.  Click here for a more detailed list of committee participation.

Jay is also a member of the Laser Institute of America and the Optical Society of America.



Elaine Parkinson,
Vice President of Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C.,


Photo EPElaine Parkinson is Vice President and co-founder of Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C.  Elaine was educated in business at Arizona State University and has over 15 years of practical business experience.  She has served as a corporate officer and member of the board of directors for a multi-million dollar property Management Company, real estate broker, and building contractor.  The construction company was one of the 10th largest builders in the state of Arizona. 

Elaine currently tends to the day-to-day business functions of Phoenix Laser Safety L.L.C.  She also provides creative and artistic input for the design and development of the online and video based training products.  When time allows, she donates her experience and time to help with many community events and groups.  She has coordinated fundraisers and golf tournaments that have raised money for many worthy causes.



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